About PLDC

PLDC stands for Professional Lighting Design Convention.

What is PLDC all about?

This annual Convention was created for the global lighting design market. Lighting designers, architects, researchers, universities, industry and clients use PLDC as a platform to meet, learn about the latest developments in lighting design, and discuss the future of the lighting profession. PLDC stands for high quality knowledge transfer and international networking opportunities.

PLDC is supported by major market players, associations, universities and industry.
To date events have been held in
– 2007 in London/UK
– 2009 in Berlin/DE
– 2011 in Madrid/ES
– 2013 in Copenhagen/DK
– 2015 in Rome/IT
– 2017 in Paris/FR
– 2018 in Singapore/SG
– 2019 in Rotterdam/NL

Over the years PLDC has registered altogether almost 10100 attendees.