Partner Association CICAT

Clúster de Iluminación de Catalunya

We are happy to announce that CICAT has accepted to be a Partner Association of PLDC 2020.

The Spanish Lighting Cluster brings together companies and other organizations with a role in the value chain in the sector, covering activities such as manufacturing, designing or prescribing Lighting systems and their components or providing specific technical services for the Lighting industry.

To contribute to improving competitiveness in the Lighting sector in Spain both now and in the future in order to deal successfully with the fundamental changes affecting its business environment.


– Strengthen relationships and ability to influence stakeholders in the sector, whether they are the authorities or institutions of any kind.

– Encourage innovation to build up companies “value proposition” on their markets by facilitating innovation processes in any sphere of the business, as well as implementing advanced technology and knowledge.

– To promote the internationalization in the sector from the point of view of both markets and suppliers, approaching globalization in such a way as to keep the c decision-making centers in Spain.

– To foster strategies for sustainability, especially those aimed at meeting the challenge of improving energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

– To contribute to training in companies and build up awareness of lighting.